Monitoring actions

Monitoring target species is an indispensable activity for the evaluation of the results achieved by the project. In relation to exclusively conservation related objectives of the project, the monitoring activities will have the primary objective of verifying the environmental results achieved, in terms of protecting target species which benefit from the concrete conservation actions.

Monitoring will provide a picture of the results reached by the project in terms of  the benefits of the conservation actions for the target species. The homogeneous data referring to the 5 years of the  project illustrate the population dynamics and can provide a basis for the permanent monitoring of the species and their habitats.

The activity is necessary in order to evaluate the impact of the actions proposed.
In addition, in accordance with Law no 152/99 and the Directive 2000/60/EC,  the water body must be characterised at  the beginning and at the end of the project in order to define its overall state. This will make it possible to determine if the actions undertaken in the LIFE project have reached the objective of improving the environmental quality of the lake and to develop a policy of further  improvements with the aim of  reaching a good quality level by 2015.

Action E.1:Monitoring the target species
Partner responsible for the action: Centro Studi Naturalistici – onlus

Monitoring activities will be carried out through the measurement of specific “indicators” directly correlated to the effects expected as a result of the action.
Scientific monitoring will be aimed at evaluating the results obtained by the execution of the activities foreseen and in particular:

  • The impact of actions C1,C2, and C3 on the breeding populations of the Pygmy Cormorant, Bittern and Ferruginous Duck.
  • The effects of action C1 on the populations of waders with particular reference to the Slender-billed Curlew and the effects on the migrating and overwintering populations of Bittern and Ferruginous Duck.

Action E.2: Water Monitoring
Partner responsible for the action: University of Foggia


The characterisation and classification of the ecological state of the water bodies will be conducted according to Law  n 152/99 and Directive 2000/60/EC  based on  biological, hydro-morphological and chemical quality elements foreseen by law.

In addition, the following indexes and monitoring parameters will be used:

  • Extended Biotic Index (EPI)
  • Chemical and physical analysis (pH, conductivity, redox potential, primary and secondary productivity)
  • Primary productivity index
  • Minimum Vital Flow (MVF)

The monitoring programme will provide a coherent and complete picture of the ecological and chemical state in the hydrographic basin during the project and will allow for the classification of the water body into one of the five classes foreseen by the Directive.

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The LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity 2007 project  –“Conservation activities for priority avifauna in the Lago Salso Oasis” is structured according to 4 series of actions:

1 Preparatory actions
2 Concrete conservation actions
3 Awareness raising and communication actions
4 Monitoring actions
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