Preparatory actions

Action A.1: Formalisation of a structure for the coordination of the project
Partner responsible for the action: Lago Salso Oasis SpA

This structure, located in the Lago Salso Oasis company offices, will have the task of starting the procedures necessary for activity start up, activation of partnerships, tenders and contracts. Protocols of intent will be signed by beneficiaries and partners for the regulation of relationships according to administrative standards. The coordinating structure will be constituted by one representative of the lead partner (the beneficiary) and representatives of the partners.

Action A.2: Carrying out studies of the concrete conservation action target habitats
Partner responsible for the action: Centro Studi Naturalistici - onlus

Studies will be carried out regarding the habitats suitable for the target species through the definition of the conservation status, current and potential threats, current and potential coverage, evolution under way. In addition, maps will be created in order to best define the environmental characteristics and distribution of the types of habitats/ plant species present in the site and functional to the biology and ecology of the target species.

Action A.3:Carrying out preliminary studies on the threatened priority species
Partner responsible for the action: Centro Studi Naturalistici - onlus

This action foresees activities which are coherent with the National and International action plans regarding the target species. In particular, the activities are:

  • Census of the breeding population of the Pygmy Cormorant, Bittern and Ferruginous Duck in the site. This will allow the trend to be followed in subsequent years and the effectiveness of the actions in the current project to be evaluated. It could also lead to the prompt identification of any eventual critical factors.
  • Mapping of nesting sites which host the Pygmy Cormorant, Bittern and Ferruginous Duck species on both paper and digital maps. This mapping will allow for targeted and effective intervention in the areas involved in nesting and the reduction in anthropic impact in the most sensitive areas;
  • Mapping of the trophic areas visited by the target species due to their trophic availability, in which actions C2 and C3 will be carried out;
  • Identification of the areas visited by the target species during migration and overwintering in the project area and an evaluation of the risks which the species face in visiting these areas.
  • Study of the density of the fish species present in Salso Lake.

Action A.4. Study of the  Salso Lake minimum vital water levels
Partner responsible for the action: University of Foggia

This is a  preparatory study for  the concrete conservation actions which involves data collection and drawing up a technical report for the maintenance of water levels optimal for the conservation of the target species and the entire ecosystem. It will be based on the analysis of annual water level and flow data for the wetland area as well as the interpretation of historical data and bibliographical sources.

Action A.5: Development of a surface elevation plan, bathymetric survey of the marsh
Partner responsible for the action: University of Foggia

Study of the surface elevation of the marsh and surroundings with a view to the optimal naturalistic management of the area.
This will be carried out through the acquisition of bathymetric and surface elevation data regarding the Lago Salso area.
The action is preparatory to carrying out actions C1, C2 and C3.

Action A.6: Development of detailed projects for the actions foreseen
Partner responsible for the action: Centro Studi Naturalistici - Onlus

Developing detailed projects, according to national law for the following actions:

  • Detailed projects for the execution of actions C1, C2, C3
  • The detailed project for the realization of a classroom (D8)

The projects will be carried out following the preliminary studies in A2, A3, A4, A5  within the first three months of the second year of the project.

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The LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity 2007 project  –“Conservation activities for priority avifauna in the Lago Salso Oasis” is structured according to 4 series of actions:

1 Preparatory actions
2 Concrete conservation actions
3 Awareness raising and communication actions
4 Monitoring actions
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