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Action D.7: Environmental education Programme “ALL SORTS OF SPECIES CAN BE SEEN” Partner responsible for the action: Centro Studi Naturalistici - onlus

The environmental education programme “ALL SORTS OF SPECIES CAN BE SEEN”  is to be carried out during the entire LIFE+ project. It targets teachers and students in all of the elementary and middle schools in the City of Manfredonia, in the Lago Salso Oasis area, in the councils which fall in the SCI “Capitanata wetlands” and in the SPA “Marshes in the Gulf of Manfredonia” as well as the metropolitan areas of Bari and Foggia. 180 classes will be involved every year (around 3500-4000 students) for a total of 900 classes in 5 years.
The geographic area in which the environmental education programme will be carried out responds to the ecological network at the local level planned in the GAL Daunofauna (associated beneficiary) which has the Gulf of Manfredonia wetlands and the mouth of the Ofanto River as core areas.
The aim of the environmental education programme is to create  awareness in the resident community of the value of the place where they live, thus breaching  the cultural isolation of protected areas, in particular of wetlands, which are often only of interest to those who work on them.
The educators will be provided with educational instruments which render wetlands laboratories of experimental science education, thus making  the results of the educational programme more long lasting.

The educational programme “ ALL SORTS OF SPECIES CAN BE SEEN” consists of 2 classroom lessons of 2 hours each (one of which will take place in the classroom in the Oasis), during which the importance of wetlands and their biodiversity will be discussed, and a guided visit (equipped with binoculars, spyglasses and magnifying glasses) at the Lago Salso Oasis with the aim of discovering all the living forms in the wetlands.
The classroom lessons will be carried out with the support of multimedia presentations in Powerpoint and, in the Oasis classroom, a stereo microscope will reveal the incredible wetland biodiversity, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. A kit will be created for this activity composed of dissemination material produced by the project, a specific educational workbook (diversified for primary and middle schools) and a sticker which will be distributed to students and teachers.
The creation of the educational materials and activities will be carried out by environmental education experts with experience in LIFE Nature projects.

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