The life program

Life+ is a new European Union financial instrument which entered into force in 2007 for the protection of the environment. It co-finances actions for the environment in Member States and in some other countries along the Mediterranean and Baltic seas, as well as Eastern and Central European candidate countries. It follows the former LIFE programme set up in 1992.

The general objective of LIFE+ is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of Community environmental policy and legislation including the integration of the environment into other policies, thus contributing to sustainable development.

In particular LIFE+ supports the implementation of the 6th EAP laid down by decision n.1600/2002/EC and finances measures and projects with European added value in Member States. 
Where possible, projects financed by LIFE+ promote synergies between different priorities in the 6th EAP and integration.
Moreover, in order to ensure European added value and avoid financing recurring activities, projects must satisfy at least one of the following criteria:
a) projects regarding best practice or demonstration aimed at implementing Directives 79/409/EEC or 92/43/EEC;
b) Innovative or demonstration projects relating to Community environmental objectives, including the development or dissemination of best practice techniques, know-how or technologies;
c) projects for awareness-raising campaigns and special training for agents involved in forest fire prevention initiatives;
d) projects for the development and implementation of Community objectives relating to the broad-based, harmonised, comprehensive and long-term monitoring of forests and environmental interactions .

LIFE+ has three components:

1. LIFE+Nature and Biodiversity;
2. LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance:
3. LIFE+ Information and Communication.

LIFE+Nature and Biodiversity, which the project “Protection of amphibians, reptiles and bats of the SCI Montecalvo- Piana di Montenero” comes under, has the following specific objectives:
a) Contribute to the implementation of EU policy and legislation in matters of nature and biodiversity, in particular the Directive concerning the conservation of wild birds (Directive 79/400/EEC “Birds) and that relating to the conservation of natural and semi-natural habitats, of wild flora and fauna (Directive 92/43/CEE “Habitat”) and in particular to contribute to the constitution of the “Natura 2000” European network of protected areas aimed at the  in-situ management and conservation of species of flora and fauna and habitat types important in the European Union, including coastal and marine habitats and species.

b) Contribute to consolidating the knowledge base for the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of Community policies and  legislation in matters of nature and biodiversity.
c) Provide support for the development and implementation of approaches and instruments for the monitoring and evaluation of nature and biodiversity and of the factors, pressures and responses which have an impact on them, especially in relation to reaching the objective of halting the loss of biodiversity in the European Community by 2010 and to the threat which climate change poses to nature and biodiversity.
d) Providing support to the improvement of environmental management, favouring the greater participation of stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations, in consultation processes and in the implementation of policies and legislation in the field of nature and biodiversity.

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The LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity 2007 project  –“Conservation activities for priority avifauna in the Lago Salso Oasis” is structured according to 4 series of actions:

1 Preparatory actions
2 Concrete conservation actions
3 Awareness raising and communication actions
4 Monitoring actions
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